Модулната система на Fitting

Иновативeн начин за подреждане на книги в Fitting Pyramid ще създаде впечатление на забавна, игрива графика, която може да се променя, когато пожелаете. Това е една от многото силни страни на модулната система на  Fitting .via

The lightness of the aluminum frame (light but, at the same time, strong), together with the brightness of the glossy white paint (nevertheless scratch resistant), gives a warm and comfortable appearance so as suitable to houses as to offices and shops. The innovative way of arranging the books offered by the Fitting Pyramid (in the white version with a black back) will give the impression of an amusing graphics game that can be changed whenever you want. This is one of the many strengths of the Fitting system.

Changing the arrangement according to your kind of use or according to the environment you have to furnish, is now even easier with Fitting, anyone can do this, almost like child’s play. Send your request to receive the new brochure Pure White Fitting in PDF format and, if you have a design studio also, the new 3D Cad files can be sent in Dxf/Dwg format.

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