Модерен дом в Дъблин

Един експеримент с жилище, построено върху стари конюшни  в Дъблин, от odos architects. via

The floor plan for each of the three bedroom dwellings is conceived as a flexible pattern or weave of built and unbuilt spaces stitched together by a central circulation route linking the split level accommodation (seven plates in total). These unbuilt or trapped spaces become a series of outdoor rooms (in some cases vertical rooms), which bring the experience of landscape and foliage into the core of each dwelling and stimulate a strong spatial dialogue between opposing areas. These secret gardens vary in orientation and ensure every room has direct access to natural daylight and ventilation while developing a carefully controlled relationship between inside and outside. They also play host to a variety of plant species ensuring a blossomed and scented environment all year round.

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